Sticky Trap

Sticky Traps – Yellow / Blue  are used for control of sap sucking insect pests in agriculture and horticulture fields. Installation of sticky traps at an early stage (15 days crop stage) controls White Flies, Thrips, Jassids, Leaf miner and thereby minimizes need of pesticide application and most importantly recommended in Organic farming as effective pest control equipment.

Yellow sticky traps are a non toxic way to control and monitor
  1. White flies
    2. Aphids
    3. Jassids
    4. Thrips
    5. Onion fly
    6. Fruit flies
    7. Cucumber beetles
    8. Fungus gnats
    9. Leaf hoppers
    10. Frog hoppers
    11. Moths
    12. Flea beetles
    13. Leaf miners
    14. Cabbage white
    butterfly etc.

As an integral part of integrated pest management program they can be used in commercial crops, greenhouses, homes, orchards, flower and vegetable gardens, anywhere insects are a problem

Salient features

The glue does not dry out and the traps will last until the surface area is completely covered with insects, even through rain. They store indefinitely until you need them.
Non poisonous and weatherproof

Specifications for  sticky traps:-

Size : 28 cmx 11 cm & 28 cm X 22 cm

Base Material used :  rigid PVC
GSM of base material :  270gsm
Color :  Yellow/ Blue
GSM of release liner :  90gsm
Glue coating gsm :  38gsm
Glue type :  Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive