P. gossypiella

Scientific Name Of The Pest : P. gossypiella

Common Name of the Pest : Pink Bollworm

Host crops : Cotton

Pink bollworm is a major pest of cotton crop. Insect is highly adaptable to different climatic conditions and larvae hide over unfavorable cottonseed in which they are well protected and remain alive for many months. Survival of the pest from one season to another is entirely through hibernating larvae in seeds, soils and plant debris. Incidence of P. gossypiella during the season commences from the moth emerging from the over wintering larvae through the summer season. This is the only pest, which peaks at harvest.

In the younger crop larvae bore into tender squares and feed within resulting into drying of the terminal shoots. Later flower buds and bolls are attacked. Infested flower buds fail to open up completely due to webbing by the larva, giving the appearance of a typical rosette bloom. Larvae damage the bolls by tunneling into them, destroying the pulp and lint. Infested bolls open prematurely permitting fungal infection.


Funnel trap is recommended for this pest.


Lures should be changed every 4 weeks. The Funnel traps should be emptied weekly to avoid the trap filling and repellency from putrefaction of the insects caught.