Delta Insect Trap

These are die-cut plastic sheet/flute board/cardboard sheet, which when folded forms a triangular shaped trap and replaceable paper sticky liner/base.

 These are considered to be excellent in monitoring Brinjal shoot borer, Tuta absoluta pests. For trapping, the lure is placed in the middle of the sticky liner and the pheromone releases scent slowly.

Delta Trap SpeciIfication

Approximate Dimensions (Flat) : 370mm x 240mm
Approximate Dimensions (Assembled) : 240mm x 115mm x 110mm
Material : Die cut polypropylene (virgin)
Colour : Yellow
Approximate Weight (per Trap) : 40g

Handling Instructions

1.Always see that stays 1 ft above crop canopy.
2. Trap should always be in horizontal position.
3. There should be no obstacles around trap up to 1.5mtrs.
4. Always use clean hands while handling lures.
5. Check and replace sticky liner whenever necessary. Protect sticky liner from dust.
Useful for identifying pest intensity in time.
6. Change lures at specific intervals for getting optimum performance from trap.
7. Keep data record of minimum 2- 4 traps for each insect.
8. Always install traps from 1 month crop stage for early control of insects.
Remember that Pheromone traps control the next coming generation. Control
them before they build up.

Recommended for:

Aproaerema modicella (Groundnut leaf miner) – Groundnut
Plutella xylostella (Diamond back moth) – Cabbage and Cauliflower
Diaphania indica (Cotton / pumpkin caterpillar) – Cucurbitaceous crops